Building Automation And Control Systems For Tertiary Buildings In Europe

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Building Automation And Control Systems For Tertiary Buildings In Europe

The study found a wide range of persistent obstacles to both establishment and temporary cross-border provision at both regulatory and administrative levels. The previous section pointed out that only a part of the constructions that are subject to quality control are controlled in practice.

  • As shown in Table 3, in Italy, the standard defines a minimum room size, based on use, that is much higher than those foreseen in other countries (e.g., a double room of 14 m2 and a living room of 14 m2).
  • This is therefore an area which needs further work as to how to deal with this pragmatically.
  • In terms of monitoring, construction products are difficult to recognise as defective once they have been installed and any subsequent remedying of defective products often proves difficult.

What also should be acknowledged is the fact that building regulations and its enforcement system function as a safety net to guard a socially acceptable minimum level of quality. If the regulees involved at the supply side deliver this quality, enforcement could be less intensive and less expensive. In this light, it makes sense to improve and stimulate the quality level at the supply side. This could be realised by setting quality demands on builders, but also by trying to improve the cooperation between regulators and builders by advocating the importance of quality. The third important development in the past decades has been that private parties have gained an important role in the quality control process of constructions . This development is related with the before-mentioned deregulation trend. By sourcing out control to private parties that are already involved in the construction process, the quality control process can be streamlined.

1 Regulatory Documents Used For Comparative Analysis

WorldGBC’s roadmap highlights the urgent need for more ambitious policy and financial support to enable energy efficient property upgrades. D’Alessandro D., de Martino A., Appolloni L. A project to identify the best practices and health performance objectives for building construction and renovation.

Eurocode 2: Design Of Concrete Structures En

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