How To Buy an NFT: A Beginner’s Guide

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An NFT is something that can’t be duplicated—it’s the complete opposite of fungible. Tap “Buy.” Or, select “Directly Deposit Ether” if you already have some in another account. This is super important and is your backup to access your account. Pulse Empowering companies to connect with their retail investors.

How to buy NFTs

NFT drops have become a popular method of selling NFTs to eager buyers. Drops like these often require users to sign up and have their accounts funded before the drop so they don’t miss their chance to buy once the NFTs drop. Before you create and sell your NFT art, you’ll need to choose the marketplace to list your NFT. There are now many NFT marketplaces from which to choose. Depending on your art and interests, you may choose a curated marketplace that specializes in specific kinds of art or a general open marketplace.

Sellers paid in USDC

Since the vast majority of NFTs are hosted on the same blockchain as ETH, that’s probably the one you’ll want to use. Just as a bank charges a fee for exchanging physical currencies, crypto exchanges charge fees for turning cash into crypto. Compare the benefits and fees of different crypto exchanges to choose the one that’s right for you.

Your wallet and the marketplace will process the transaction, you only need to confirm it. To use the marketplace, you’ll need to connect your wallet to the marketplace by choosing Connect wallet, in most cases. You may also need to create an account with the marketplace. Most NFTs are bought using crypto, so you need to fund your wallet with cryptocurrency to make a purchase. Nearly all Ethereum-based marketplaces accept the currency ether . Popular software wallets include MetaMask, ZenGo and Wallet Connect.

You will have to connect your crypto wallet with your NFT wallet in order to participate in the NFT market place. After you are done with this process, you will be required to connect your wallet to the NFT market place. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens – or in other words, NFTs are those kinds of crypto assets that are one-of-a-kind and can’t be replicated. Attending drops and buying the first wave of an NFT collection or edition is a great way to get in on the action early and at the starting price.

Grab your wallet and go

Simply set up an account on a crypto exchange site such as Binance, then set up a buy order for a cryptocurrency. Click “Next” to connect your OpenSea account with the MetaMask digital wallet you’ve just created. NBA Top Shot, for example, lets you buy them with a credit card.

  • Your wallet and the marketplace will process the transaction, you only need to confirm it.
  • First let’s understand tokens – a token is basically a unit in a blockchain network that can be used as a means of value transfer, eg.
  • You need to copy your MetaMask address for receiving currencies and paste it into the appropriate “send” field found in the cryptocurrency exchange for Ethereum withdrawals.
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All you need is a Web3 digital wallet, such as MetaMask, to be able to buy, sell and resell NFTs on NFT marketplaces. There are already many NFT platforms out there, and they are increasing in number every month. As mentioned, some NFT marketplaces only list curated works. Others only list NFT art that belongs to a certain genre or style. As you can see in the example above, the gas fee is $32.09 for this transaction. If you are satisfied with the total cost of the transaction, you can click on Confirm.

Interested in trading in NFTs? Read to know how they are taxed under Income Tax Act

OpenSea is the most popular American online marketplace where users can buy and sell Non-Fungible Tokens . It covers almost all types of NFTs like art, music, photography, collectibles, sports, virtual lands, and many more. After this step, you should transfer Ethereum from what does NFT mean the exchange to your MetaMask wallet. You need to copy your MetaMask address for receiving currencies and paste it into the appropriate “send” field found in the cryptocurrency exchange for Ethereum withdrawals. This section is usually found on your exchange balance.

While some people might buy NFTs to display them, some social media apps, like Twitter, allow you to use an NFT as a profile picture. The exploding popularity of non-fungible tokens was one of the most significant shifts in the crypto world in 2021. Most NFTs are sold on the Ethereum blockchain, which has its own cryptocurrency – ETH. If you wish to use the US dollar or any other traditional currency to buy NFTs, you will have minimal options. Hence, if you want to invest in any promising NFTs, you are forced to buy ETH.

How to buy NFTs

Earlier in 2022, the floor price for a bored ape was over $250,000 and the cheapest mutant ape was over $50,000. Now, the floor price for a bored ape is around $100,000 and an entry-level mutant ape is $20,000. OpenSea – The broadest NFT marketplace that covers all NFT types.

Pros and cons of buying NFTs

Once the NFT is either minted, purchased from the marketplace or transferred to you by the NFT’s current owner, it will appear in your wallet. Although you could conceivably build your own blockchain for creating and minting NFTs, most users choose an NFT marketplace to mint their NFTs. Minting is not the creation of the NFT; and rather, minting activates an already created smart contract and places the NFT in a specific spot on the blockchain network. One of the first big NFTs was a crypto collectible called CryptoKitties. These digital cats were released back in 2017 are collectible in a similar way to Beanie Babies.

The price of the NFT depends on which NFT you are buying, when, and how. It can range from just a couple of cents all the way to millions of Dollars. To buy an NFT, you’ll need to use a cryptocurrency exchange that offers them. The most popular exchanges that offer NFTs are currently Binance and Coinbase. You can check out our guide to the best NFT exchanges for more information. The most popular place to buy NFTs is from an online marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible.

The top wallets that are compatible with most NFT marketplaces are MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet app, and Phantom. Before we go into the process of buying NFTs, it’s important for users to understand how they work. NFTs are assets stored on the blockchain with unique metadata and identification codes, allowing them to be distinguished from one another.


Every month, we’ll send you The Plug – a curation of the best personal finance content in the UK. We share real-life stories, how-to guides, top personal finance news, popular community questions, and tips to help you stay on top of your money. Mason Rothschild created MetaBirkins (a digital collection of the iconic Hermès Birkin bags), and Hermès sent him a cease and desist letter. They are also quite powerful because they allow anyone on the internet to verify the authenticity of any digital artefact.

Usually, you’re able to pay with a credit card for the first time. Learn the process of buying non-fungible tokens so you can start investing in them today. There are also sports NFTs, which include digital variations on trading cards and highlight reels.

Why Are NFTs Controversial?

After that, you can start browsing the marketplace’s offerings and make a purchase. Some NFTs are only available on certain platforms or marketplaces. For example, someone who wants to buy an NBA Top Shot pack of virtual trading cards must open an account with NBA Top Shot and create a Dapper wallet.

How to buy NFTs

Almost 30,000 collectors pitching together for a total cost of $91.8m. Pak is a digital artist and cryptocurrency investor that uses NFTs to release digital artwork that can be verified authentic through the blockchain. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have been gaining a lot of popularity lately.

The seed phrase is the only way to recover your account if you want to use your wallet on a new device or if you uninstall the browser/app and need to get back in. Copy your seed phrase down and store it in a highly secure location. Consider saving it with a password manager and also writing it down and keeping the record in a physical safe.

Seeing substantial growth and is a billion-dollar marketplace. Sports-based NFT marketplace focusing on men’s and women’s professional basketball. Like Rarible, SuperRare NFTs can also be bought and sold on OpenSea.

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