Master’s in School Psychology

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We don’t expect student interests to match ours exactly, but we find it to be most beneficial for students’ mentoring experiences when there is some overlap in topics, theories, and/or methods. I feel that I have acquired the knowledge and developed the skills to be well prepared for my career as a school psychologist as well as a valuable addition to a school’s faculty. My experiences have given me the opportunity to grow and become a well-rounded professional in the field. I feel confident going forward into my early career with the preparation I have received.

  • After they were finished, I would type up the scene and the cued recall test.
  • The Psychology major as an undergraduate is strongly recommended.
  • I also assist in training and coordinating 25 students to become peer counselors.
  • Alternately, they may focus on a particular research area or topic.

Candidates may be provisionally admitted to a degree-seeking program based on a review of unofficial transcripts or other specific program admission requirements. However, this admission includes a condition that final and official documents and requirements must be received within 90 calendar days from the start of the term. If these final and official documents and/or requirements are not received by that time, the candidate will not be allowed to continue class attendance. Financial aid will not be disbursed to a provisional/conditional candidate until he or she has been fully admitted as a regular candidate (i.e., all admissions requirements have been approved by the college/program admissions office). Candidates who have an unpaid balance 30 days from the start of the term will be assessed a $100 fee.

What documents must I submit to complete my application?

Identify a recent event reported in the local or national news that relates to diversity and preK-12 schools. How would you respond to this event as a school psychologist? Please provide a link to a news article about the event you chose.

school psychology admissions essay

Lisa Aguilar, Faith Miller, Kirsten Newell, and Amanda Sullivan. PhD students are expected to work closely with a faculty advisor during their time in the program, both on their required research projects and ongoing collaborative work during their graduate studies.

Program Details & Curriculum

Review the necessary general requirements for admission to the university. Overall undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or greater is strongly preferred. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures.

school psychology admissions essay

As you complete your graduate applications, you might also consider applying for financial aid or some sort of graduate research fellowship such as the Ford Foundation Fellowship or the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Such fellowships typically require a background statement that is similar in some aspects to the statement of purpose. I had ignited my passion for experimental psychology. Suddenly, I had many pressing questions about memory that I wanted to research. Under the guidance of Dr. Noice, I continued to study human memory. I worked closely with Dr. Noice on several research experiments involving expert memory, specifically the memory of professional actors.


Conversely, some students learn better in a more structured and traditional classroom environment, with daily interactions with their professors and peers. Your second step should be choosing the exact level of degree you need. There are three primary paths you can take in psychology grad school—pursuing a master’s, a specialist, or a doctoral degree. The degree you ultimately earn will depend on your goals, but keep in mind that if you plan to become a legally licensed psychologist, a doctoral degree is almost always needed. List two persons who will provide letters of recommendations in support of your application. The recommendations should be from references familiar with your work, your academic abilities, or your potential for scholarship and professional accomplishment. If you have been out of school for several years, please feel free to submit recommendations from persons who are familiar with you on any level of professional involvement.

  • If you are applying for the MS Financial Management, MS Financial Risk Management and MS Investment Management and have passed Level 1 of the CFA exam or Level 1 of FRM exam, you may request a waiver of the GMAT or GRE.
  • The GRE General Test covers verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing.
  • Those with no experience should find volunteer work, community service, or internships applicable to responsibilities in their area of psychology.
  • These experiences provide graduate students who are studying school psychology with opportunities to apply their knowledge of assessment models and methods, data collection and data analysis to specific school-related concerns.
  • Sign up for the GRE in June so that you leave enough time to study before taking the test in August or early September.

Once complete, the College of Graduate Studies and Research forwards the application package to the School Psychology Admissions Committee that is comprised of the program faculty. Each applicant is rated on five dimensions; GPA, GRE, experience, personal statement and letters of recommendation. Following the review of all application documents, select applicants will be invited for an interview.

Program Requirements

Naturally, some undergraduate degrees facilitate an easier transition to a graduate program in psychology than others; a student with a bachelor’s degree in sociology studies human nature and the inherent psychological theories this entails. Conversely, a math major has the mathematical skills necessary for the research aspect of psychology, but may not have requisite knowledge of psychological science itself.

You have earned a Bachelor’s degree and any other qualifying degrees from a regionally accredited university . A Master’s degree is required for some doctorate level programs. Review any entry requirements for your desired program. This includes prerequisite courses, previous experience, and applicable test scores.

Graduate Admissions

A graduate course is defined as one that would be credited towards a post-bachelor’s degree at an institution where the course was taken. This must be verified in the school’s bulletin/catalog or a letter writing law dissertation from the chair of the department and an official transcript. The selection committee for graduate students at each institution appraises all aspects of their educational and professional life.

How do you answer what motivates you?

  • meeting deadlines, targets or goals.
  • mentoring and coaching others.
  • learning new things.
  • coming up with creative ideas to improve something, or make something new.
  • analysing complex data in order to draw clear and simple conclusions.
  • working well as part of a team.

Communication regarding the status of your application will be sent to the e-mail address you provide when filling out your Cal State Apply application. Admission is contingent upon approval by the Psychology Department and the Graduate School. Review your program’s application requirements to make sure you have submitted everything else.

Social Media Links

If you are interested in taking graduate-level courses at Pace but are not ready to enroll in a full degree program, please visit ourNon-Degree Applicants web page. If you are currently enrolled in a graduate program at another institution and are interested in taking courses at Pace, please visit our Visiting Applicants web page. Alliant International University explicitly makes no representations or guarantees about the school psychology admissions essay accuracy of the information provided by any prospective employer or any other website. Salary information available on the internet may not reflect the typical experience of Alliant graduates. Alliant does not guarantee that any graduate will be placed with a particular employer or in any specific employment position. Prospective students must submit an online application along with a$65 non-refundableapplication fee.

  • My current school site has executed the implementation of RTI and many students have been able to participate in various interventions prior to being referred for Special Education.
  • Contact and request information from the schools and programs that interest you in July.
  • Interviews take place in early January and initial admissions offers are made by mid- to late-January.
  • Most courses are offered during standard business hours, and students complete 0.5-3 days of fieldwork in schools , often making it impractical to have full-time, daytime employment.
  • In accordance with the guidelines established by the American Psychological Association, accepted applicants have until April 15 to respond to our offer, although earlier notification is welcomed.

Depending on the program, you may be required to provide a statement of purpose, application essay, autobiographical essay, personal statement, career goal statement, background statement, or other similarly named piece of writing. Each of these commonly is your opportunity to provide information about yourself beyond that communicated in the rest of your application materials. You may also be asked to provide supplementary essays such as a diversity statement.

How to Apply to Our Graduate Programs

Our doors are open to all who are looking for a more open world. Applicants should have completed undergraduate statistics with a grade of B or higher and some coursework related to either experimental psychology or research methods. Outside the ClassroomFieldwork and internship experiences allow graduates to gain field experience and hone their specialties. Join us for an upcoming graduate admissions event to learn more about our School Psychology program and explore how Mercy can help you meet your goals. All individuals applying to the MST and MSEd in Educational Leadership – School District Business Leader applicants must submit a GRE score for admission based on a new law approved by the New York State Legislature. Three letters of recommendation are required for the MSEd in School Psychology, PsyD in School/Clinical Child Psychology, PhD in Clinical Psychology and PhD in School Psychology programs. Letters should be from academic or professional references that can knowledgeably comment on your ability to successfully complete graduate study.

Can I attend this program as an evening/weekend student while continuing to work full-time? Most courses are offered during standard business hours, and students complete 0.5-3 days of fieldwork in schools , often making it impractical to have full-time, daytime employment. That said, we provide sample 4 and 6 year plans for students interested in lighter course loads. The program coordinator can discuss potential degree plans and logistics for applicants based on their unique situations. I’m not sure if I am interested in the MA+Specialist Certificate or PhD. In this case, you should prepare your personal statement following the directions for PhD applicants and indicate your interest in both tracks in your application materials. If you are invited for Applicant Day, we will indicate whether you are being considered for the MA+specialist certificate or both, and this can be discussed further during meetings with the program faculty to help you decide your best route.

Remember that the overall goal of the essay is to convince the admissions committee that you are an attractive candidate and a good fit for their program. Keep in mind that even if you do choose an online option, you won’t be entirely behind a computer. While your classroom courses can be taken online, any lab work, clinical internships, or other hands-on experience will need to happen in person. In the United States, the easiest way is to check with the American Psychological Association . The APA keeps an up-to-date database of accreditation status for psychology programs, as well as for residencies and internships. It’s important to make sure that the program you’re considering is accredited. Accreditation verifies that the education you’ll receive meets the quality standards set forth in the field.

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